10 ways to save the Christmas tree (baby)

In one of my usual out overseas online said Bishop a post asking you to parents as they saved (if there ever were) their Christmas tree from an attack of small gattonatori. Here are the responses of over 100 mothers, summarized in 10 tips anti-collapse tree-saving (and save-baby!).

The most interesting is surelyeducation‘s. In practice, we teach that the tree does not touches, and you didn’t touch.
In principle, I absolutely agree. If like me you are a fan Tracy Hogg to know that she supports exactly the same thing: kids are smart people by nature, understand perfectly your sense of what communicated them. Things prohibited without explanations are much more interesting than explained calmly, and so disobedience is an exciting challenge. Then it is up to you to be able to communicate with them effectively, accompanying them to new knowledge and new skills, rather than impose, and they will learn.
Basically I tried d apply this method with my daughter and I have to say even with excellent results, but this does not mean that we cannot always be present, that we cannot always be calm and patience to explain (especially to a 18mes-enne that captures exactly fly, maybe …), that we cannot always be so “perfect” (uhthat ugly word!) as the books would teach us to be.
And then via workarounds‘s!

The vast majority of mothers used modular enclosurea, one of those used for delimiting a zone game, or as a gate to close access to the stairwell. Basically the equivalent of a box, that only leaves the child on the ground instead of inside the box. For this is often used even with randicelli children to limit their scope but leave them a suitable surface to move and play.
There are many brands and models, especially those of modular, as Bambino World in order to assist the individual elements one after another and create a perimeter customized to our needs (and availability) of space, or a middle way between Gates and box, asEasy Box the of OkBaby.

However, there are children that the fence is a whisker: the rise, tugging, and we know even go below. Another valid solution is then exhaust them. The children quickly tire of repetitive games, and on this point method “detach and attack”. You use only unbreakable, and decorations for a few days you can grant them to remove them from the lower branches of the tree, and maybe even play with them, the evening before going to sleep, to put them back on the shaft. After a few days, the game has lost its appeal, and decorations you will enjoy a well-deserved peace.

Alternatively you can try to give the child a Christmas tree, small, concise, with some unbreakable decorations small (perfect example rubber toys “from bath” wedged between branches directly. Or opt for a tree for the whole family but without decorations, such as those optical fibresat.

Photo comes from Historyofthechristmastree. comAncora best decorating the tree with the old method anti-crisis, eco-friendly, reusable, or (depending on the age of the child) biscuits Corollas with threaded hole, directly on the branches, dried orange slices, drawings made by the child itself and cropped, and so on, who has more (pantry) and so forth.

The most essential moms have found a solution to two dimensions: one vinyl sticker sticker in the shape of a Christmas tree, plate, indestructible and removable. Have a piece of the wall completely free of the sticker is daunting, and then folds on the closet door, or on the door. The result, however, is as “flat”:-/.