A crib … expanded!

Yesterday for the first time we made the crib at home.
To ask directly. A few days ago we went to buy the figurine. He chose every shepherd boy and all the other characters.
Last Thursday we went to collect the MOSS. I refused to buy it: cost 9 euros a box. Absurd!
And yesterday we finally put there all 4 to compose the work of art. To be honest two elements were constructive (I and my husband), a collaborative and one literally destructive Kallis.
It was an undertaking. We employed an eternity for a metro just crib. But the result, I must say modestly, was satisfactory.
Yesterday evening I approached the artwork to admire it and noticed immediately of new elements: a Tyrannosaurus rex that poked out from inside a cave.

I called just Andrew and I asked him: “have you been?”
And he: “Yes. You told me that Jesus is born so long ago. Even though dinosaurs existed so long ago. So … lived together! “