A lot of hot light as a feather: nest Feather Light

It’s called Nest Feather Light, and his name says it all: “light as a feather”. And it is true: this lot to cradle and ovetto of Red Castle weighs only 320grammi! An outstanding feature, considered that the transport of eggs, particularly (or car seats group 0 + 0/) is already in itself tiresome; with the baby inside then it becomes a weight limit of sustainable, and in winter, with heavy bags or blankets is practically a torture. A lot like this sweltering but light is ideal.

The Interior plie is, soft and warm. The exterior is clad in a glamorous lining, suitable for discerning moms looking for a sophisticated look, even if such should pay the pledge of a slippery coating rather, which tends to “escape” from ovetto whenever you pick up the baby.

The nest compensates for this small flaw with a series of zip who versatilemake it especially.
First the zip double slider for the opening, which allows you to decide whether to open the bag hot like a blanket, from right to left and vice versa, or from top to bottom to free completely the area where support for the child. Also it is a zip opening, which allows you to remove the top cover of Angel’s nest. These possibilities are ideal to comfortably use the lot is in the cradle, ensure that the ovetto extended use over time.
An additional zip is present to hood level, allowing you to open it completely, so as to expand the area available to the child, as well as to free it from excessive coverage if this is not required. The final of the zip is protected by a lining sewn to prevent the child can get scratched: a very remarkable foresight. Sin is not even an adjustable elastic to increase securability.

Even the front flap is “adjusted” to some extent, because it can be done to adhere to the nest (as pictured, top) with two side buttons, or it can be tilted upwards and flow towards the face of the child, to protect it from further cold, or simply to increase the depth of the nest D’Angelo as the child grows.