Aprovadimamma gift ideas, 2nd part: those that “no”.

When you give the fountain pen laureate, when you combine world-class silver frame, when you have a child …
… When you have a child Spacey relatives and friends go crazy, and you arrive at home really “the worse things”.  The temptation to leave the baby “just for a moment” is frequent and justified (even just to pee!), but don’t take anxiety: get yourself a good box and avoid the hanging-child. No one can guarantee that the port can handle. If you arrives wrapped, rimandatelo back with the bow.

We are still in vogue, but other countries were even banned! It seems that the “rotors” diminish the exercise of even and legs make incorrect posture, and impede learning to walk. Therefore, if you give, even no.
If you’re lucky you might even get away with something useful like, as the Mom-timer, object of desire of mothers ex-manager-super-organized that very soon they realize that a child is not accompanied by instructions (and certainly they will not be the first to write it).
Tells you when feeding him, when change it and when to do it sleep (ahahah! “do it” sleep!), and even what is the latest tit that you offered to small free …

If your pets are lovers of profit at all costs, to marry the philosophy of recycling, you might find under the tree, or VAC vacuum cleaner to be linked to, so you take two birds with one socket. I’m not kidding.

The shoes are another very popular vouchers: who knows why it always comes to mind at all that children have the feet (although he did not walk, at least not immediately). Nobody to be reminded of that poop and pee 12 times a day, and who present with an escort of diapers:

If you have a boy and a relative Aesthete may have the good fortune to receive a gift very politically correct, as the -spray hood para (i. e., those of pee). It’s called Pee Pee Tee Pee, translated “the Indian tent of pee”. Poetic, at least!

I then on good tip of my readers facebook-iani, all possible amenities and silver imaginable in: port-pacifier, chains, teaspoons, and those more … non ne metta, but save the cost and effort and opt for a package of diapers, thanks.