Baby consumers already small! What to do?

A few days ago  a comment that made me think much. We wrote: “this morning wanted to absolutely not Matthias a sweatshirt that I had chosen for him to go into asylum, as they are weeks that lot to put shoes more comfortable and just purchased. After various screams told me: “I don’t want this sweatshirt and these shoes because when I go to nest, Matthew tells me that my Jersey is not nothing and even shoes!”. In short the buddy takes around why does not every day a different Jersey Ben10, Spiderman etc. But I wonder: you can already start with these things in 3 years? Has only 3 years and already think of signatures? Absurd! “
Well, the latest issue of “Happy Children” I found an article that does for you and for all the Moms who are under the same conditions, i.e. who struggle daily with the “Baby-consumers“!
How to behave?
Rule number one is: “not fall into this trap“.
The child wants the latest model of a game? Or another package of figurines? All right! Here’s the game and the figurines. Basically, that’s wrong? Until you can … you do.
And then what? At first no, open sky. Hysterical, crying despair. It seems the end of the world.

Dear parents we lose sight of one important element: it’s tantrum!!
So what?

Then never say to your child “maybe tomorrow”.
“I buy? By buy me? Please Daddy buy me? ” To silence the child, in front of a mixed piagnucolii solicitation – sometimes (often) we tend to say “We” or “Tomorrow”. But this is not the way to eliminate the whim. It’s just a form to send it back. And when the child realizes that this is a lie, the authority of the parent and the value of his words are compromised.

Not good even resorting often to the policy of “do ut des”, meaning “If you buy the bravo you figurine”. If used frequently, this tactic might accustom children to want an acknowledgment for each good deed.
But then what can we do?
We can, indeed we must teach our children that desire is beautiful.
His desire stems from a lack. But if your child has everything what could want?
We leave small the joy of waiting and not riempiamoli items that may not have even ever asked.
Let us not forget that the child lives in the here and now. Its so big as birthmarks are ephemeral. Want a new game? You can answer: “Let’s see if home have something similar. If you don’t have anything like that then we buy “. In this way, you put the new game in relation to what is owned by the new obsession at all costs.

Never more than an hour of tv a day. Select programmes by limiting exposure to advertising, maybe using the dvd. The information that travels at the speed of light off the imagination and create false needs.
More leisure time and game free and spontaneous. In short, less structured games answered by the mass media but more space to creativity, to disguise, to magical powers which has of course every child who passes within seconds from one character to another.

And we end with a staggering: according to a report by Unicef British children are the most unhappy of the industrialized world, trapped in a cycle of compulsive consumerism.
The cause? Parents to forgive of them long absences filled with toys.
In short, “they all are unhappy”. But these small, in fact, they’ve all just in appearance. Interviewed children have admitted that to make them sad are not toys, but the time spent with family, especially outdoors!