Bundlebean, the deck 5 in 1

Perhaps many of you already know traveling with Leo, the online shop specialized in material for children traveling. It’s a store recently but that nato has already learned to appreciate in the net for his many initiatives and for the rich assortment of products. It is run by Chiara, a MOM online reinventatasi (also, alas, in the face of the conciliation) that puts heart and soul into his new activities.

Traveling with Leo I introduced a product that I did not know and that I was passionate as few others! Oh, if only Bundlebean I’d known a couple of years ago! thinking that I walked around with Pupattola in the pouch on the hunt for every little ray of sunshine in winter, and for that I made up the equipment most unexpected, with blankets hung upon me that falling from anywhere!

On travelling with Leo I ordered this “magic blanket”, as I call, he can do a lot of things: sa become by blanket for picnic to aprons for the stroller bag, warm for ovetto to draught Excluder for the bike seat, and (surprise!) on the cover to the Marsupium! Look here:

The nice thing is that by ordering Bundlebean I found a vibrant and efficient online shop. The products are very well described, with details on measures and materials. A good number of photos presents the product, so as to give an idea of realistic possibilities of use, and of effective encumbrance. You know immediately if the product you’re interested in is available for immediate shipment, and you have suffered a quote accurate shipping costs based on destination (very useful for those living in the Islands or on the border).
But the thing I liked most is that you can make purchases without registering, just like in a regular shop! Course register at site involves advantages, like keeping track of the orders, save addresses, etc. But if you don’t want to, you don’t necessarily know “your facts”: orders, pay and only the shipping address.