Child Comfort by Beaba, to go to the supermarket with MOM

One of the problems of bringing the small shopping cart, holding it, is that often his indomitable instinct to bite pours on the cart. The handle in the mouth, however, is not really the maximum hygiene.
The same can be said of the car seat folding cart, where everything is leaned and all. In short, put the cart in the supermarket pupo equates more or less to make it roll on the ground, from the point of view of hygiene …

A friend tried the Child Comfort by Beaba, specially for this service.
When closed, fits comfortably in embedded shopper his (last photo below right), equipped with handles. So you can easily keep in the trunk of the car along with shopping bags.

When you need it, it extracts from the handbag (which remains attached) and it fits in the seat of the truck. As you can see from the photos, in the front there is an elastic belt that completely the cart handle, protecting both your hands of your child. The band also maintains the seat ben adeso to cart without risk that move or moves.
The rear is equipped with raised back one to cover as much as possible the baby on his back.

It’s strapsequipped, which can be used both for bind ulteirormente the seat Comfort to cart, which-if desired-to bind the child.

Handbag that the remains prominent on the front, side, MOM is useful for preserving the child’s scarf and hat, rather than the pacifier, the teddy bear, or any other thing to keep in hand.

The whole child, with the exception of the handbag, is coated in plastic waterproof outer side, in contact with the shopping cart. In this way, even if the cart was wet cuz maybe held outdoors, you won’t have to worry about to bathe the baby, thanks also to the plasticised coating.
Instead, everything inside the car seat is lined in cotton.

The only thing we found not to be able to do was keep sitting your child in that stage of growth that is not yet able to sustain itself well sitting alone. Does not support side then the seat of the child, but only protection against contact with the shopping cart.