Children banned products abroad, but in common use in USA

in fact it can be dangerous, but it also depends on who uses it (I speak of adults): If there are no stairs or slopes or slopes it is obvious that the child should be controlled and closely, or that access to such areas is somehow prevented (the stairs a pound is morally obligatory until they learn to make them yourself to 3 years).
The same applies to support for the bath: If the stick in and leave it there while you go to another room to fre other can be dangerous, but young children never go lasicati alone in the water, because even a few inches can suffice to drown, even without that support them, jammed so the problem is not the supportbut those who takes no children always under control. That if you’re there please also to prevent tipping over, and if the shootings occur on the fly.
(it’s a guess because I don’t use it, my children hold them “by hand”)

For the sunshade and cushions for bedtime instead agree that can be dangerous, because when you sleep you can’t monitor and therefore we must think all for securing children.
To me puts forward the idea that can bypass the cot in a few months, say.
I know that I will move in great, what goes under the bed of his brother and that is up from the Earth only about 20 cm …