Christmas toy rain? Yes, but the safety of children!

Toys are fundamental tools for growth and development of children during the holiday season and become the protagonists of the lives of children. Parents must be very careful to understand if a toy is safe or not for your son.

In fact, according to the latest the monitoring system of dangerous products, in the course of 2010 toys were the second category of articles more withdrawn from the market (after the clothing) to the health risks that entails.

A member of the Secretariat society of Social and has developed a Decalogue, aimed at families, containing the main “operating instructions” concerning the protection of the physical safety of our children.

“Among the most frequent pitfalls – claims-we must remember for smaller inhalation of small parts, and in all ages the wounds produced by reduced toys in pieces. Furthermore, an increase of allergic reactions to various components.

These are instructions to follow:

1) control the CE mark that corresponds to a manufacturer’s self-certification.
2): ‘ marks ‘ Safe Toys and ‘ Controlled ‘ distinguish only Security major national companies, but almost absolute security guarantee; 3) to respect the age range: avoid using toys for age below those recommended;
4) verify that the size of the components are such that it cannot be inhaled or ingested.
5) Attention to materials, must be non-flammable;
6) Avoid toys with powered electrical outlet and choose those in drums;
7) toy weapons, intended for children, must use only bullets supplied by the manufacturer.
Arrows and darts 8) must be blunt tip and protected by a removable hardly sucker;
9) tents and log cabins must not have automatic closures, zipper type;