Do list birth: not what, but when and why

Adear friend has just done, with considerable stress and suffering birth list.

Ah, the birth, childhood memories (mental).

For large fortune of * dear friend * this is his second son, but usually is a ritual that will consume the first appanzatura, i.e. before the birth of her first child. Behold, in this sense, the list should be banned, because birth inevitable source of sensational waste and errors.
You’ve never had a child, you don’t idea … er, change of life that awaits you, and you don’t realize absolutely what you need, nor what it will need him.

Now, far be it from me to the usual episode of what to put in the list, but let me bring to your attention a couple of little things.

1. Why do list. Because even if we put in two or three things that you will not end, it is always better to discard two or three things that several. I, on my list, I did write letters to the order “ANNE GEDDES”. And just because at the time was not yet resurrected Hello Kitty.

2. When do list. The answer is only one: in the late seventh and early eighth month of pregnancy. Not before, not after. Because if you do first, the Commission will show you the wonderful spring outfits that will die of heat that will be born baby at the end of summer, or rather will present you a nice ivory dress in cotton chenille with whom the child will immediately settembrino pneumonia. If you do, you risk after it is too late, and left without the list. Timing is the keyword: shop of the season, which is better.

3. How to make the list. To Be PRECISE. Avoid things like “cosmetic products” vague and generic, or you find a crate of oils and creams from culino. Choose the individual pieces, the exact model, the color that you like, and if you prefer no clarified which you don’t want, otherwise you give just that, sure. Get given the guarantee that you will be delivered exactly what you have chosen, and that if it is exhausted (from which I reiterate the importance of item 2) will be given the chance to choose another personally.

4. what not to put in the list. Maybe for you it is granted, but I was at the time, but very much conditioned by my iperurania idea of “having a child”, and this in my imaginary meant only one thing: baby bottles. Now, nothing forbids you to put bottles, sterilizers, teats, scolabiberon (Yes, they exist) and pacifiers in the list, but as you will realize is absolutely not saying that you need, because you could BREASTFEED, and we will quietly bottles planting flowers. I wasn’t there.