Driver Genius

Keep your system drivers up to date with Driver Genius!

Automatically find the necessary drivers for your PC
Over 45,000 available drivers in the database
Removes invalid drivers and unused
Have your drivers in an executable
NEW! Program analysis of your PC!
NEW! Check the drivers downloaded!
NEW! Displays the history of your drivers! .. Etc

If you reinstall your system regularly, you know it can be difficult and time consuming to find the correct drivers for your system. Thanks Driver Genius, you can save all your drivers on your PC and restore it once you’ve reinstalled the system. Forget about wasting time in installation and find the drivers you need!

With Driver Genius

Keep your drivers up to date thanks to the automatic synchronization
Database with more than 35,000 drivers for all types of material: video card, sound card, network card, modem, mouse, keyboard, camera digital video acquisition card …
Keep a copy of your drivers creating an executable file
Restáuralos automatically and in the blink of an eye

With Driver Genius can:

Create a backup. You can create a copy of all the drivers installed on your system. This copy is compressed into an executable EXE
Reinstall the drivers. Just double click the executable file
Update your drivers. Using the Internet to get the latest version
Learn more about your system. Processor, memory, disk drives, etc..
Access hidden options of your NVIDIA graphics card, it will need to have a card with that chip


Save rapidly drivers for your PC.
Double your drivers in an executable file and easily installed on multiple computers drivers.
Automatically find the latest drivers for your PC with one click.
Deletes the drivers that do not use or no longer valid
Improved performance and stability of your system.
Identifies drivers in one click not working properly and uses the solutions proposed by Driver Genius remedial
Discover the hidden options in the control panel settings including drivers ‘over clocking’ AGP, Fan control, Stereo Control, OpenGL 2.0 support, and more.

New in version 11

New! Program analysis of your drivers! – Driver Genius 10 Professional provides the ability to schedule when you want the analysis of your drivers. Thus, you can scan your drivers 1 time per day, 1 time per week, or 1 time per month. The scan time of your drivers can also be adapted to your nececidades.
New! Receive notifications of new drivers available. No need to open the Driver Genius interface to analyze your drivers. The scan of your drivers will take place automatically. Driver Genius will similarly report on the latest drivers available on the database. Updating drivers is a breeze.
New! Filter notifications of available drivers – With Driver Genius 10 Professional can install a filter on the notifications update your drivers and select the notifications you want to view.
New! Check the downloaded drivers – Driver Genius 10 Professional drivers downloaded automatically verified, ensuring a complete discharge of the latter and to verify that the drivers are adapted to your system.
New! Choose the location where you want to download your drivers – Driver Genius 10 Professional by default chooses the unloading of your drivers, but it is also possible to choose the place elses.
New! Automatic deletion of outdated drivers. Driver Genius 10 Professional will help you sort your drivers. We indicate the drivers that need to be refreshed as obsolete and which require replace.
New! Access a complete history of your drivers – Driver Genius 10 Professional allows you to keep a record of all drivers updated or deleted.
Improved! Enriched database + than 5 000 new drivers for the latest peripherals.
Improved! New user interface for simpler management of the drivers.
Improved! Saving even faster drivers plus rapide des Sauvegarde piles.