Gifts for children of parents always connected

It’s a while since I wrote a wish-list, a post in which I don’t do a review but present some items that I found on the web or in stores, and that impressed me. The beauty is that that I am presenting it I found it in an online store for children, but for “children grow up” as we are parents.

Obviously I’m speaking especially me: in fact, be that with the excuse of having to manage blog, tweet and status I bought a new phone that allows me to stay connected even away from home, but this Android plush , totally me I’d buy it just willingly.

If you belong to that philosophy of life that Linux is called (see the ears of some dads rising like those of wild dogs in Savannah), I recommend the most classic of penguins in the image and likeness of the more famous of the same.  Obviously not consider the i-Phone addicted. If you avevte survived the recall of Apple Steve Jobs, and you’ve already given away an i-Phone 4, give your children at least one match Angry Birds to format snowman. There is which to choose.
I conclude with the subtle irony of the play on words, as to this adorable short sleeved onesie for generation 2.0: “headlines”There’s a nap“, transliteration of the more famous”There’s an app“with which the Apple reassures us that with his phone, all you can do. Even a NAP (nap).
For the record, I found them on thinkgeek.