How do you dress the Child at Christmas

Today I do ‘ at fashion blogging! Forgive me if this is a post some sui generis, but yesterday I wandered in the woods as Hansel and Gretel and I found the little marzipan inside an outlet store. 😀

It so happens that I  and always we dress similarly, varying between a outfit ” engineering estate from which goes to kindergarten” for her, “go out to buy bread and to weld some tubes” for me. I often get accused of male dress, always with the usual catsuits “soiled as well so I have a closet full“. The fact is that there I doll dress, as well as I think if I had a male can’t ever to put the shirt with collar starched and the vest. Obviously we are not talking about the amount of skirts which macerated in my closet as doomed without air now. And as for the heels … what’s heels?

So yesterday I came into this shop (it is an outlet store, to tell the truth, then with all stuff of old collections in balance, but seeing as I’m “fashionable” is just fine!). And I’m in love with!
I found many heads at decent prices, designed to be stylish but comfortable at the same time.
GAPunfortunately, I visited the outlet store, do not pay me to write this post, but I speak well, because that stuff is just like me! (apart from the shoes, I must say: an indescribable amount of dancers: but how does a duenne to walk?!?)  Male outfit also made me crazy: the classic rumble revisited on a baby from newborn, while on garments from “toddler” skulls, sharks and diving planes.

Accessories are the most original collections, those little touches that enliven even my catsuits laborer! (note the Crown-shaped headband for her, and the hat with headphones from rapper for him).
For Christmas summing-up for sure, so maybe I find something a little more feminine for the Pupattola, and tollerabilmente “da man” for his friends.

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