Men mono-tasking

Yesterday evening has arrived home, I was greeted and made his debut with “Tomorrow I harbour the Pupattola asylum!”.
Not that I’m wary of departure (aehm …), but I know that Aprovadibabbo can do only 1 thing at a time, and bring the Pupattola asylum, especially on occasions like this, where there was to renew also the set for the change that was soiled the day before … Yes I know that there seems to be a triviality, but it is more than 1 thing!

In short, I decide to silence all my preconceptions and prejudices against him, ever which is my fault that I don’t know if he doesn’t then delegate knows muddle through. And so, sympathetic towards his great participation in school life of the child, Office of trust, I give you the benefit of the doubt.
Under caution, this morning I alleggerirgli the Office dealing with however I whole preparation: give her breakfast, wash it, change it, dress her up, etc. etc.
Meanwhile ask him 1 thing: “Please, get the shirt is purple on the drying rack, put in a bag, which is to bring asylum?”
“Tshirt? … purple? … drying rack? … bag? … asylum?”
“Yes, dear. The only purple shirt which is the only clothes that we have. Put in a bag? Thanks “.

Meanwhile I finish preparing the Andrew, and when I leave him has already slipped the jacket and holding in a hand bag with a t-shirt, as saying “have you seen? are already ‘ ready! “.
“Ok, the Pupattola is ready. Hello. “and I give myself.
“Ah, no, wait, I take the phone” and rests on the ground the poor baby girl-paccopostale.

If there is one thing that I learned from when I have children, is that children should not be made to wait. You must be ready long before them, and when they are ready they part without a hesitation. But of course HE does not know.