Chidren and holiday

This is a question I have asked many times what would be left in memory of the children to return from vacation?
We, even during the year, taking advantage of the weekend, we give up so many things to take children out for walks, new experiences, to explore new places and make them feel new emotions.

It ‘something to me, a little’, has been lacking.
Going back in time, digging in my memory, unfortunately I have no memories of long holidays with my parents. They, of having their own business never went on vacation, do not ever shut!
We made trips to the sea on Sunday, the yes! But the maximum duration of a day it was!

We, however, the holiday thankfully we do.

So, what tracks will leave these unique moments in their lives lived with Mom and Dad? Certainly create an archive of emotions and will escort pampering, laughter and hugs! And then what?

But how does the memory of a child and especially how we can help them remember?

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Those children who sleep alongside a sharp blade

The city of art, Milwaukee decided to give space for an ad campaign really impact.

“To sleep with your baby can be equally dangerous”, this says the claim of advertising developed by the Health Department and designed by the company SERVES marketers, showing a few months baby asleep in an adult’s bed next to a butcher’s knife.
During the presentation of the campaign, the Mayor and the heads of the Department explained that the cot death is one of the causes of infant death more preventable: children should sleep alone to belly up and in their bed. Probably this would be enough to prevent the nine tragedies that have hit the city this year.

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Foods for children, best industrial or fresh?

Recently was spread a leaflet for families in which they highlighted the advantages of industrial foods for specific childhood nutrition of children. Products safer, more controlled, more nutritious and healthy. To recommend these types of products was directly.
But after a few days in a statement said that the increased quality and safety of the baby food industry compared to natural products are not scientifically proven and then dissociates from Fimp’s recommendations.

At this point I wonder: “Are pediatricians against paediatricians. To whom should we trust? “

In the brochure States that: “The 50% of the fresh fruit contains pesticide levels not suitable for infant feeding” and that: “the 35% wheat in Italy contains residues of pesticides too high for infant feeding.” For the Acp data reported by Fimp on release to support the validity of these claims are largely debatable.
1) intend to reassure and encourage all those parents who, around the sixth month of life, use complementary feeding at the request of the child, using foods that take themselves;
2) reaffirm the importance of adequate information to parents for a healthy nutrition for the whole family and undertake to make print ad hoc campaigns;
3) encourage a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and plants for the whole family, including when it is possible to produce short chain and in this case often also organic (also through participation in cooperative purchasing groups, so-called Gas).
4) believe that industrial foods intake affects their food culture of different peoples and different families through delegated to third parties ‘ experts ‘ even the simple act of nurture his own son;
5) undertake to continue to fight to raise the food safety agencies to improve more and more laws and regulations, together also associations to consumer protection;
6) believe that the actions of advocacy to put safe food at table within the largest chapter of the protection of the environment, public health priority. The nterventi should be ‘ politicians ‘ and must fall on the entire population, including of course the most vulnerable groups (including foetuses and embryos);
7) emphasize that the promotion of the food industry for children penalizes less affluent families, and worsens the quality of the environment through the multiplication of packaging waste and their disposal and transportation through the territory.

Finally, the Acp believes that, under the general principle of transparency, “documents of this kind involves – as happens in the world – the need to declare the source of funding at the base of information campaign”.

I believe that for mothers who do not have time to prepare meals and vegetable soups, baby food and reassuring to know that industrialized foods are equally good and healthy for children. In addition to extremely comfortable!
We want to talk about the fruit jar when you’re around? Never without!

My pediatrician, when I started weaning Marco told me: “Madam, if you know the provenance of the food prepare well everything, but if you must take the fruit from the supermarket, then it is better than in the jar, is more controlled!

Homogenised meat made at the time by MOM. And the fish? In Puglia … fresh!

Now that I’m older, I cook a lot on weekends (sauces, meatballs, meat broth, etc.) and put in the freezer. During the week wonder what want to eat, scongelo jars, et voila, the dish is ready. And I am sure that they eat well … or almost!
The keeps? Also one made with tomatoes grown by grandparents!! You do in summer and is eaten all year round …


Gifts for children of parents always connected

It’s a while since I wrote a wish-list, a post in which I don’t do a review but present some items that I found on the web or in stores, and that impressed me. The beauty is that that I am presenting it I found it in an online store for children, but for “children grow up” as we are parents.

Obviously I’m speaking especially me: in fact, be that with the excuse of having to manage blog, tweet and status I bought a new phone that allows me to stay connected even away from home, but this Android plush , totally me I’d buy it just willingly.

If you belong to that philosophy of life that Linux is called (see the ears of some dads rising like those of wild dogs in Savannah), I recommend the most classic of penguins in the image and likeness of the more famous of the same.  Obviously not consider the i-Phone addicted. If you avevte survived the recall of Apple Steve Jobs, and you’ve already given away an i-Phone 4, give your children at least one match Angry Birds to format snowman. There is which to choose.
I conclude with the subtle irony of the play on words, as to this adorable short sleeved onesie for generation 2.0: “headlines”There’s a nap“, transliteration of the more famous”There’s an app“with which the Apple reassures us that with his phone, all you can do. Even a NAP (nap).
For the record, I found them on thinkgeek. 

Christmas toy rain? Yes, but the safety of children!

Toys are fundamental tools for growth and development of children during the holiday season and become the protagonists of the lives of children. Parents must be very careful to understand if a toy is safe or not for your son.

In fact, according to the latest the monitoring system of dangerous products, in the course of 2010 toys were the second category of articles more withdrawn from the market (after the clothing) to the health risks that entails.

A member of the Secretariat society of Social and has developed a Decalogue, aimed at families, containing the main “operating instructions” concerning the protection of the physical safety of our children.

“Among the most frequent pitfalls – claims-we must remember for smaller inhalation of small parts, and in all ages the wounds produced by reduced toys in pieces. Furthermore, an increase of allergic reactions to various components.

These are instructions to follow:

1) control the CE mark that corresponds to a manufacturer’s self-certification.
2): ‘ marks ‘ Safe Toys and ‘ Controlled ‘ distinguish only Security major national companies, but almost absolute security guarantee; 3) to respect the age range: avoid using toys for age below those recommended;
4) verify that the size of the components are such that it cannot be inhaled or ingested.
5) Attention to materials, must be non-flammable;
6) Avoid toys with powered electrical outlet and choose those in drums;
7) toy weapons, intended for children, must use only bullets supplied by the manufacturer.
Arrows and darts 8) must be blunt tip and protected by a removable hardly sucker;
9) tents and log cabins must not have automatic closures, zipper type;


Children banned products abroad, but in common use in USA

in fact it can be dangerous, but it also depends on who uses it (I speak of adults): If there are no stairs or slopes or slopes it is obvious that the child should be controlled and closely, or that access to such areas is somehow prevented (the stairs a pound is morally obligatory until they learn to make them yourself to 3 years).
The same applies to support for the bath: If the stick in and leave it there while you go to another room to fre other can be dangerous, but young children never go lasicati alone in the water, because even a few inches can suffice to drown, even without that support them, jammed so the problem is not the supportbut those who takes no children always under control. That if you’re there please also to prevent tipping over, and if the shootings occur on the fly.
(it’s a guess because I don’t use it, my children hold them “by hand”)

For the sunshade and cushions for bedtime instead agree that can be dangerous, because when you sleep you can’t monitor and therefore we must think all for securing children.
To me puts forward the idea that can bypass the cot in a few months, say.
I know that I will move in great, what goes under the bed of his brother and that is up from the Earth only about 20 cm …