The bedroom of discord

In the new House there are two rooms that bidding to become the nursery a smaller, but closer to our room, the other slightly larger, but at the end of a corridor.

I-“Then I’m going to make me do the quotation for the nursery of Pupattola”.
him-“… that great”.
I-“like that great? that little, which is closer to our room. “
him-“but, we have two rooms, and you from that little?”
I-“Yes, but with the bed and a half”.
him-“Because the bed and a half?”
I-“why must she hoped to sleep alone [we now have a single room for everyone, then sleeping in our own room-ndr], and so I can keep close while you fall asleep without staying perched at the edge of the bed, and maybe read a fairy tale, and if you think that maybe ill close instead of get up n-thousand times a night and …”

him-“Aaaaaaahhhhhh! You Aprovadiziayou like, with her son in elementary school and again in his bed. “
I-“you know that the rooms are too small for two beds! When he invites the girlfriend to sleep, for example, where do we do?
him-“The Couch”.
I-“Ceeeeeerto! a six-year-old invitation to my house and the abandonment in the sofa alone! Mica will be small and then forever: I always wanted, the bed and a half “.
him-“well, if it is for that too.”

Obviously I have in my pocket the quotation for small room with bed and a half.
him-“I still prefer the big room” and has farfugliato something like is my first-born, he deserves, but I did pretend not to hear.
I-“look that will make you stand already difficult room alone, I figured if he wakes to find notices that must also pass through a dark hallway”.
him-“Yes, but you don’t have to wake up, must learn to sleep alone in his bedroom”
I-“Excuse, but recovered from poor deluded you are earned by correspondence or you made a school?”
him-“Aaaaaaahhhhhh! EC I put myself to bed, you’ll see …. “

You heard it all, right? Behold, now I have witnesses. You look at the gap.

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