The blocks pee. At the very least are unisex.

A hood put on “at risk” during the change. I don’t ever to amaze me.

How not to classify this ingenious invention (coff coff … …) if not under “Nonsense”. Eh Yes, dear, ridi, ridi Aprovadimamma fact is that there are two different brands that distribute and sell these essential accessories for the return of the newborn.

On the one hand the Pee Pee Tee Pee, or “Indian tents” (tee pee, engl.), hoods, * there * where needed. The hood, in theory, should block any uncontrolled splashes, not only for boys, whose scope of tyre is notoriously by guinness, but also for the typical female ponds. The goal, in both cases, you avoid centering the MOM.  While not wanting the lack of necessity (noblesse oblige), as well as the fact that from that world is a world pannetto of cotton or a towel have always done the same dirty work with dignity, I should like to emphasise that the tyre concerned have lightweight cotton, then simply do not stand in their place and fly off to the first movement of the child. In their favor, if you really want to find a positive side, there is to say that they are washable and reusable: multi-pack are provided within a simplified with bag in the washing machine. But what a nice thought!  If you’re smart, you can now mothers then go further and WeeBlock ai trust, specially shaped and decorated sponges for the little fire hydrant. A bit more settled earlier, must still be kept in position if it is to have the effect desired absorbent. Not to mention the fact that even such a beautiful escort is required, since once drenched, washed and are reusable until they are dry.
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