The lie of Santa Claus

Your kids believe in Santa Claus?
And at what age is right to know the truth to children?
Andrew, almost 20 months, is still too small to understand certain things.
Of course, lives the party atmosphere, admired the crib notes and constantly tries to disassemble the shaft, but nothing else!
Santa Claus, the big big white-bearded, even fear.
But it is normal for children of that age.
Remember the first party at Mark’s nest. Children of the second and third year hard-on that they completely were for the arrival of Santa Claus. Those of the first year … exceedingly afraid.
Il mio piccolino refused to do the group photo with that “dude” and when he tried to greet him, burst into a desperate cry!
Luca idem. When he sees Santa Claus, if far is ok, is quiet, but when approaching … run!

Marco, now has become great, abundant, and 4 years to believe Santa Claus … and no!

In his head there. But that’s true, what flies sleigh pulled by reindeer do not see. All those found on the street are “men” dressed as Santa Claus. In short they are FAKE!
Last Sunday (maybe I have already told you!) a Santa Claus stopped him and asked: “what do you bring?”
And John replied: “you? And why should you get me a gift? “
Santa Claus there was terrible.
Then John added: “No, I don’t want anything because I don’t have space in your home. I don’t know where to put the toys “
Santa Claus opened his eyes. Then, aggravating the situation, he said: “don’t believe me? I parked the reindeer just around the corner! “.
he silenced telling him: “Coming from there, there are no reindeer. Go to control you. If you leave really well! I know that they run away! “
I don’t think someone before then gave similar responses.

I laughed like crazy under the mustache. If someone had told me a similar scene there I would have believed. Already I could not believe my ears. My son, shy stands, giving those answers!

He, however, a gift from Santa Claus, the real one, if you wait. Only one.
Still not decided which. But hopes of finding it on Christmas morning under the tree!

Last night I said, “Mom, how do we say to Santa Claus we grandparents? And then if he comes to our House and cannot find anyone? “
And I: “love, he is magic, knows and sees everything!”

But back to the original question: we are lying to our children and make them believe in the existence of Santa Claus or, if he asks, tell him the truth?

Children aged two to five years living in a fantasy world, populated by monsters, fairies, gnomes and elves. For them it is easy to believe in this magical character.