The new mums who work are more happy and fit!

Moms with young children should work rather than stay at home pushed by the tender age of children into. It suggests a search of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, according to which women with infants or pre-school children who work are more healthy and happier than those who prefer not to work for all day care for children.

In this statement I would like to respond by making a face similar to that of the Lady in the picture, obviously with built-in scream.

However, according to what we read in the Journal of Family Psychology, the scientists involved 1,364 women who had recently given birth and have followed from 1990 to 2000: the researchers found that those who had employment part-time with working hours up to 32 hours a week, reported a better overall health and fewer depressive symptoms than those who had remained at home.

There were significant health differences between women with part-time employment and full-time. These categories were happier because they perceived that their work was to support family life.

Hackneyed theme? Yes, but the Agency has just arrived. This is the latest study on the topic (which repeats more or less the same thing already known by a thousand other similar studies) and then why not take it back?:)

These researchers are right?

According to me ….
Personally, I already know, I think work well especially to psyche’s face. For me it is a relief valve. A way to immerse myself in a world different from what is the House. Work, I admit, I like it (from my I also lucky enough to do ;) work fine).
But not with a baby in her arms. The baby needs her mom and MOM needs her creature.
Then ok to resume work, but after weaning! Indeed, consistent with its commitments, after quite a bit!

I don’t agree however on the last point of the study, namely the lack of difference in health between those working part-time and full time.
On the contrary I think there is a huge difference, an abyss. A chasm. To be honest … an immensity!

Yes, an hour less I changed my life and decreased stress!
Let alone a part-time real!