Those children who sleep alongside a sharp blade

The city of art, Milwaukee decided to give space for an ad campaign really impact.

“To sleep with your baby can be equally dangerous”, this says the claim of advertising developed by the Health Department and designed by the company SERVES marketers, showing a few months baby asleep in an adult’s bed next to a butcher’s knife.
During the presentation of the campaign, the Mayor and the heads of the Department explained that the cot death is one of the causes of infant death more preventable: children should sleep alone to belly up and in their bed. Probably this would be enough to prevent the nine tragedies that have hit the city this year.

As a MOM, I realize that pictures like these are very strong: they induce in us a sense of guilt or call us at our responsibilities? Although I am one of those who struggled with herself, with sleep and fatigue of the first month not to bring the fledgling Pupattola in bed with him, I confess that sometimes I happened to fall asleep beside her with tit. But also remember that those hours of sleep were actually hours when was sleeping not really, always with an ear on and a neuron (or what was left) alert.
And remember also that if I were to get up for returning it endeavoured in his bed, and so would have been such fear of waking her up and having to start all over again, that I probably should be desisted.

The supporters of the co-sleeping do indeed note that mothers and children sleep together ever since (although once there were live news to inform us about any incidents, and the infant mortality rate was higher, although for many other reasons). Also claim that advertising like these should be directed to parents with poor social and cultural conditions, and not directed to the general public who does of neutral co-sleeping a conscious and informed choice.

And then I recommend this comprehensive roundup of Mom on the Design side-by-side, those that apply to the side of the bed, not having to move the child falls asleep, but still keep it next to her safely.
A complete series is also the Arms Reach‘s, if you want to give it a look.
According to me, however, solve the problem only in part, or rather, only for tit … I don’t know if I explain … or maybe you can fix them in half and put you to sleep once with the head and once with the feet on the pillow …?!Or simply you better hope that is so full of milk and so tired from bear to be raised to about 40 centimeters¬† :-S I love this blog, but manage it every day requires passion, time and … well, Yes, money! Ads are selected and limited, not to disturb the reading. If you appreciate this policy, my commitment, my reviews, and if the information you found you save time and effort, you can show me your appreciation with a donation.