Upside to Ultracompact HandySitt Chair (with Video!)

When switching from milk to pappa is consolidated, we parents want to recover a bit of healthy eating habits, as that accursed godurioso and viziaccio to go out to dinner (one day I will explain, our son, who he should, because even the affair between her parents started a restaurant table!).
Then a phase of growth in which the Chair starts to go a little bit tight, but the big Chair is oversized again.
In short, whether before or after, in every family one day appears an upside to the Chair.  Today HandySittI present, the increase in wood and Minutes of metal. It is an object of class, wanted in the design and materials.
The difference you hear immediately: indeed weigh than 2 kg, a considerable weight for an object.

HandySitt can be used as the upside to chair when you go to the restaurant, dine out from friends, grandparents ‘ home, or in any other place where you can’t rely on the presence of a highchair.

The nice thing about HandySitt is that adapts to virtually any Chair provided with backrest, which means including the overstuffed chairs, yes even the grandmother. The advantage is given by the fact that rests on two legs, and anchor at back of the Chair. An adjustable strap with clip holds firm to the seat or back, depending on the model of Chair with whom you are dealing.

The distance between hooks that rising àncorano back and legs is adjustable: legs (neri) flow inside the brackets (red, pictured) in order to regain the horizontal position for baby sitting. Once you find the position, are screwed and shaking those placed two small half bracket, which block the sliding legs.

HandySitt is also  equipped and security front bar. The spartigambe connects below the seat of the upward through a clip, the frontal bar instead fits half bracket, where knobs are mentioned in the previous paragraph. This complicates somewhat the docking and undocking manoeuvres of the bar, every time and unscrew screw mechanism.

Another feature to keep in mind is that with HandySitt the distance between the seat of the child and that of the Chair is not adjustable: the effect of “foot” is very different for children of different ages, and for larger can make it difficult to move closer to the table or make less comfortable sitting due to knees too high.
Child of 12 monthson Handy Sitt baby 24 months on Handy SittHandySitt is part of a complete system for the child to sit at the table.