What can we do when the baby is crying and grieving?

With older children you speak. If they accuse their pains we explain, make us understand what is wrong.
But with a newborn. He’s not talking!
The only way that has to communicate a need, a need is to cry. A weeping exhausting, uninterrupted that often, especially in the first days of life, manda panicking moms and dads.
Will hunger? Thirst? Cold? Hot? May Experience? Did the bisognini? Or just wants a massive dose of pampering Extras?
And if not even taking the small arm, cullandolo, making him feel the warmth stops crying? What to do? What is the right attitude that the parents should be used?

What do I think?

I think it’s easier said than done.
With the first child is still very inexperienced. And weeping exhausting and does lose the uninterrupted light of reason to anyone, let alone the new mother who finds herself with hormones gone mad (:)) and what complicates even more when you fail to understand why so much despair.
Think about it, basically, is the first time you have to do with a guy that is at 100% by us, which we must take care … and that we do not understand. It still speaks our language …

After the first few weeks you will learn to recognize the crying, or at least I admit it’s realized (more or less)!
However, the anxiety also took over after a tot of minutes of uncontrollable weeping. So the first advice I followed partially. Or better to say was my rational side that tried to follow it! The other part of me is decidedly not.
I still remember the first and only Marco colichetta (still not sure that it was colichetta!). Luckily there was my mother to give me a hand. Marco wept bitterly on one side and myself on the other. I didn’t know what to do, I was desperate.

The second tip is pretty easy. Ok, you can do.

The third … well! Depends on what the stress factor.
We say that with the first child, with a little effort, you can stuff with wadding the environment. But with the second …

When Luke was born, my second son, his major stress factor was Marco …
I would say a “failed” from deleting