Where I put diapers? four practical solutions for all budgets

I don’t know about you, but at home my diapers are always in their original packaging. No matter if I try to convince them that there are better, to clean and dry, they want to go out, shelling, slip out, always.
That’s why I went looking for some solution.

The one on the left is brand new: Loopis called, and will be released in Boon for 2012. Holds up to 24 diapers (a full envelope), has portable thanks to handle, and also has two removable trays, including one with the lid and the other with pockets for wipes, cream & co. Even though no one knows how much it will cost, but I feel not a little …

The solution JJ Cole ‘s is very chic, fabric, and consists of a box with handle in which are diapers, while below there is a drawer where keep wipes. Advantage: it is impossible for escaping their diapers! Price: around € 35.

Often you opt for pockets in the fabric: fabric pyramids that open and close with a zip, or in which the opening remains ajar with the weight of the diapers. Price: about € 20. I admit I have the great advantage to keep them always indoor indoors and then powder, but should be hung, and in some toilets may be a problem. I for example I always needed to keep them “in support” and here is how I fixed it:

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