Write to Santa Claus and Rhémy de Noel, I will respond!

A few weeks ago I spoke of Santa Claus, the real one who lives in the village of Santa Claus, where you can write to receive a letter directly from Finnish Lapland.
Today, we speak of two initiatives a bit more “local” means the of postini Babbo Natale and Rhémy de Noel, i.e. the Santa Claus of Courmayeur.
In both cases your children writing the letter to NATO from the red dress and white beard will receive a nice reply!
Sure, the envelope will not have the Finnish stamp … but I don’t think your little if they notice!

Let’s start with the first initiative: the postmen of Santa Claus.

This year I will collect the thousands of letters sent by children to Santa Claus. It is estimated that arrive over 130mila letters.
To read them, even this time, there will be the ‘ postmen of Santa Claus ‘, which will respond to all children by sending them a small gift.
Objective of the initiative, extending for over ten years now, is to bring joy to children and
surprise to receive a letter from Santa Claus, by making known to them the value of email as a means of conveying emotion and cherish.

The second, and equally beautiful, the initiative is to Rhémy de Noël, Santa Claus of Mont Blanc.
Small can post the message in the region directly in special cassette, entirely dedicated to mail Rhémy, positioned in the Jardin de l’Ange.