Couple problems? Give yourself to the smooth

You ever go to go dancing? Near my house there is a senior citizen Center where the summer, virtually every night, the retired dance the smooth outside. The music spreads and arrives on our balcony.
“MOM, what is this music?”, asked to Jeremy.

“It’s smooth, dancing some gentlemen in the Park,” I answered.
“We go?”, he added.

“Okay, I don’t know if we are getting. Let’s try, “I said.

We went and, I must say, that definitely lower the average age of those present.
Children are entertained by matti and me and my husband we concedemmo a nice Waltz, first two, then four.
To see all those white-haired couples that well-organized danced and entertained I wondered: is this the mica elixir of life?

Who Knows! Meanwhile, however, researchers have shown that ballroom dancing is an excellent therapy for couples in crisis.

Research by a team of experienced Women Association and sexologists quality of life, led by psychologist and psychotherapist Serenella Salomoni, revealed the erotic potential of ballroom dancing. Research has investigated the most confidential aspects of life of more than 700 couples between 30 and 70 years and demonstrated how the partners “dancers” have more frequent reports and enjoy a better quality of life.

More tuning proves on the track, will be the most satisfying feeling under the bedclothes, as confirmed by the 32% of the sample and considers it the most exciting dance activities in pairs, lifeblood, for understanding physics, much more than “cooking together” (25%), “take a trip” (18%), “going to the gym” (15%) and “going to the movies” (10%).

According to the study of women and quality of life, Italian music and dance Italian confirmed so the best soundtrack for Casanova of our time: the most sensual rock ‘n roll (25%), more appetizing the allusiveness of Latin rhythms (18%) or reggaeton (16%), and significantly more new of synchronies del tango (12%).

For 26% of the sample, dance enhances sexual feeling simply because it amplifies the opportunities of physical contact, liberating them from taboos and inhibitions. And this is perhaps a consequence the fact that 23% of respondents, dance movements, stimulate the fantasies, while 21% improves the complicity and awakens passion. Finally, dancing relaxes and smoothes (17%) and is considered, the remaining 13% of the sample, an original and eclectic form of courtship.

“The dance is a type of therapeutic rehabilitation often underestimated, a cure for enhancing the couple’s bond that applies psychology for years and that I recommend to my patients,” explained the Salomoni. “The dance sets in motion the senses asleep giving new life to the understanding between the partners: tact is stimulated by physical contact, the nose from the mix of scents and pheromones that unfolds during the dances to tap directly into the brain, hearing the music notes in the background, he added. The collection gives rhythm, putting ourselves in a position to have beneficial sensations, pleasure that sentimental and certainly reflected in decisively in two people’s well-being “.

What can I say, this research has convinced? From tomorrow, all smooth school?

I would have only a small observation: Senior Center near my house, I noticed that a large number of dances. Even those who had two dances for excellence have been transformed. From waltzes to the Mazurka, the cha cha cha, first danced in pairs, now are a sequence of steps, and spins a little jumpy.

This also works for couple … or this is more a group therapy?