Confetti Story

For the game has enjoyed since childhood to make dolls, clothes, decorative items and accessories for the home that he lived, and that’s where the story began … the birth of what will become a career growing evergreen, rich in a series of successes and achievements, but above all an inner growth and evolution, the foundation for the construction and realization of a great work which,
All this was made possible by the valuable and expensive help support the large family of the designer, husband, brothers and children included, who, despite the character and generational differences have contributed to creating and embellishing it’s evolution. The husban, key figure, was constantly at his side, especially in difficult times.
In fact, it is precisely he, rich personality and patient, inexhaustible source of energy, from the brilliant mind, which from the beginning is in charge of direction 360 °, handles beautifully the complex role of coordinator of the main roles, currently employed by children from the design style and choice of product, the following organization of production, through fulfillment, healing consequential relationships with customers and suppliers. The children were able to enhance the uniqueness of the classical taste of Italian tradition and history, inexhaustible resource, and insert the taste-metamorphic evolution of modern contemporary society.
A collaboration sincere and honest, intense and full of sacrifices, sometimes of compromises, where love and unity are the strength of inexhaustible energy, able to get anywhere. These are the salient points that regulate the daily, which help to never forget their roots, the french who “distinguished” and that leads to deep humility and moral justice, this is now the pride of our company. This could be a rich testimony of how effectively it is still of fundamental importance the family in modern society, but also useful for setting up businesses to safeguard the customs and traditions of our country by interacting with the contemporary avant-garde, which continue to preserve the common good ‘ the national economy. The heart of the childlike and naive Stylist Wanda is clearly evident in his creations, the ability to objectively carry emotion is the result of a ‘pure expression, no filter, selecting the filter that gradually weakens the expression, because only a childlike soul can rise to the art, rich in content and meaning to words that end in passion, love and pain … all characteristic elements coexisting in the expression of this matter. Without being with a soul so deeply noble and fresh, pure and innocent, untouched by greed and malice in life grow teach, could not exist to create these fantastic products.
The materials used to develop our valued items are carefully chosen from the best. For example, the fabrics we use for making clothes for dolls, for lampshades, decorative placemats, covered boxes and accessories brings candies are: precious silks of San Leucio, silk chiffon, raw silks national, cotton tulle, tulle richly embroidered.
Not to mention the wide range of lace, Valenciennes lace, macramé lace, lace St. Gallen, cotton lace Bobbin lace, Rachel, double satin ribbons and trimmings.
The famous  porcelain and ceramics enhance the importance of tradition and history of this case, not only locally but worldwide it is recognized throughout the world. History and tradition are the soul of the future …
The pixies, dolls, ballerinas, statues, flowers, animals, boxes, ceramic or porcelain Capodimonte, are made with traditional techniques of the old school built by the Bourbon King Charles III of Naples in 1738, already at the time considered superior to those produced in France then renowned for the quality of the decorations and the fineness of the material used manually created a mixer with almost no pure refractory slag which allows a unique subtlety and perfection.
They take their name because they are made of Capodimonte in the characteristic village situated on the hill and not far from the heart of Naples Royal Palace, and it was in ‘eponymous museum was born from the Royal Factory production desired by the King and later moved to Madrid. Despite the abandonment of the prestigious factories in Madrid in 1800 the production of porcelain were never interrupted, craft artists have always been concerned over the centuries to pass on the relevant and sophisticated laboratory techniques.
The famous porcelain and pottery from the time of the Bourbon school are marked with marked blue crowned focus to certify their real origin. Given the enormous variety of materials we use are not able to list them all. Since our items crafted character piece by painstaking piece, this means that although it is of the same article, the product may occur with small differences, which give the same object preciousness and uniqueness.
The wide range of our products is set to satisfy the most varied demands, in short, or there to suit all tastes and all costs, from the most simple and stylized as rich and elegant without ever losing sight of quality and good taste dictated the accuracy and experience of our employees specialized in different sectors.