The Birthday Girl Loves Her New Bike

I had my first and only child when I as forty six. Despite having a lot of experience working prior to that, I had not really spent much time learning about the new and best things for kids. So, when my little girl said that she wanted a kids balance bike last week, I had no idea what she was talking about. I wondered if it was a brand name or even a type of exercise machine that you use in your house.

She explained that it’s a bike with no pedals and that all the kids are using them. I asked her if it’s an electric bike, and she said no. Having no idea what she was talking about, I figured I better check it out. I never buy anything that she want without learning about it first so that I can be sure it is something she can use safely. Because her birthday was coming up, I knew I should do my research quickly. She had been bugging me for one incessantly, and I knew she was hoping she would get one on the big day.

To put it simply, the bike she wanted is powered when she puts her feet on the ground and simply propels herself along. I wondered why this was important, and many sites online explained that this helps any child learn how to ride a two-wheel bike so much more quickly than when a parent slaps on a set of training wheels.

It also means that by the time a child is ready to graduate to a bike with pedals, there will be less chance of the child hurting themselves due to not being able to balance well. And children also feel less silly when they have a chance to ride something with two wheels, even if it has no pedals. It looked like a pretty safe way to have fun, so I bought her a pink one and we hid it in the shed. On her big day, we brought it out to surprise her with it. We had to beg her to come back to eat her cake and punch because she was so excited that she raced out to ride for 20 minutes instead!

Children and holiday

This is a question I have asked many times what would be left in memory of the children to return from vacation?
We, even during the year, taking advantage of the weekend, we give up so many things to take children out for walks, new experiences, to explore new places and make them feel new emotions.

It ‘something to me, a little’, has been lacking.
Going back in time, digging in my memory, unfortunately I have no memories of long holidays with my parents. They, of having their own business never went on vacation, do not ever shut!
We made trips to the sea on Sunday, the yes! But the maximum duration of a day it was!

We, however, the holiday thankfully we do.

So, what tracks will leave these unique moments in their lives lived with Mom and Dad? Certainly create an archive of emotions and will escort pampering, laughter and hugs! And then what?

But how does the memory of a child and especially how we can help them remember?

Children need to remember to have something that brings to mind the events experienced. So we can take home the items that may be significant, as the shells if you were at sea, a dried flower or a stone if you have been in the mountains, and of course the photos.
So reviewing these things during the winter, the child will remember the good times.

We got into the habit of buying a stick on every trip-magnet to hang on the board of metal that is in the bedroom of Mark. The always chooses him. And I must say it works!

Obviously Mark, having already five years old, remembers the most.
Recent studies, however, have shown that the memory of the children grows with increasing their language proficiency. Speak, tell it helps them remember.
But beware, do not be surprised if rammaricatevi not remember the house by the sea or the hotel.

Their memory is still focused on the details, not the entire holiday.
Remember a particular detail, a scent, something that maybe you will not have even noticed, but not more macroscopic aspects.
Remember the taste of ice cream you’ve (maybe) every day, or the boyfriend with whom he played more, or a particular attraction of the playground.
For them, of course, magic moments.

Each holiday, however, regardless of visual memory, is an experience that enriches the soul. That leaves into emotions and feelings that contribute significantly to shaping the character, the essence, the personality of the man or woman who will.

And this is not necessary to choose places to dream, far away and expensive.
Just a place close.
But one ingredient must not be missed: the affection of their parents!