Started to Fix Up the Backyard

When we bought the place there was not really that much of a backyard, it was mostly wooded and it took me a good long time to clear it off. Now we have about three quarters of an acre inside a six foot high privacy fence. I got lucky with the fencing. I was looking for a good price on swings for children when I simply drove past a place where they were piling up all of this fencing on the curb. I stopped and asked them what they were going to do and the guy said that he was just going to give it away. Of course a section of fence like this is going to cost you at least sixty or eighty dollars, so a fence like this would have cost me around a thousand dollars or more if I had bought it new. Instead I only had put about half that much in it, since I got half of the fence for free.

Of course a free fence does not sit on the curb for long, so I had to rush back home and get my trailer. Continue reading

Products for the New Baby

When my wife and I found out that she was pregnant, it was the happiest day of our lives. We had been trying to conceive a child but encountered some difficulty along the way. Immediately we started buying items for the baby. The first thing we bought was a baby monitor to watch the baby. Like with many baby products, there are a lot of variations of baby monitors, with some being better than others. For us, it came down to the Infant Optics DXR-8 vs Motorola MBP36 in a battle of the best baby monitor.

Both monitors had some good features, and they seem pretty equal in quality, but ultimately the deciding factor for us was the price. Continue reading

I’ve Seen That Look on Our Faces We Have when Watching Magicians Perform Somewhere else

Neighbors of ours have a daughter the same age as our little girl. Their birthdays are a couple of months apart. Their little girl’s birthday was held recently in their home. They have a nice big back yard and all of her friends were invited. Our little girl went and we attended too in order to have some conversation with the other adults there. They had scheduled some acts to entertain the kids. One was a Brisbane magician they hired to wow the kids through illusion and sleight of hand. I have seen magic shows before, but for this one I watched the audience of children instead of the act.

There was a mix of reactions early on in the audience of kids. A couple of opening tricks kind of got their attention. Then a couple were done where even the oldest kids were wondering how he did it. Continue reading

I Wanted the Best Breast Pump

When I became pregnant, my husband and I were over the moon about it. We had been trying for so long, and it happened about six months after we finally decided we had enough. Go figure! Anyway, we were really happy, but there was one thing that made me sad too. We own our own business, and I knew that I would not be able to just stay home with our baby. Because of that, I started doing research to find the best hospital grade breast pump even before I was in my second trimester.

I knew that I was going to have to pump my breast milk, so I wanted to make sure that I had the best on the market. Continue reading

Fun Birhday Entertainment for My Niece

When my sister asked me if I would help her plan a special birthday party for her eight year old daughter, I was more than happy to help. She is a single mom raising four kids, and I have none, so I spend as much time with them as possible. I knew that times were tight for my sister, so I decided to handle the expenses myself too. The first thing I did was go to, a website that a work friend suggested I take a look at for the party entertainment.

I know my sister was talking about maybe blowing up some balloons and getting a nice cake, but I also knew that the kids would have a lot more fun if there was some type of entertainment there. I was thinking about different kinds of party games for kids when my friend told me about the magician that her boyfriend had hired for his own child’s birthday party. When she gave me the details, I knew that I wanted the same thing for these kids. Continue reading

My Friends Went Through a Lot of Trouble for a Joke

I guess my friends are all being a lot of smart alecs. They decided that all of them were going to get me gag gifts for my birthday this year. Of course they got together and hatched this supposedly brilliant scheme. You can go on the internet and see the things they got me. They are called Lullapets – the musical companions and the idea is that you can collect all ten of them. It is a little stuffed animal with a little voice recorder and an mp3 player in it. Of course they spent a ton of money these thing. They cost 39 dollars and 95 cents each according to the web page. These jokers got me three of them and so they spent a hundred and twenty bucks on all of them just because they thought it was funny. Of course they took the voice recorder and recorded obscene messages on them before they gave them to me. Continue reading

Started Teaching the Kids Some Important Skills

Of course the major goal of parenting is to create a well developed person who can manage his own affairs perfectly well. If you do it right you would want to end up with a kid who could be president or who could run a major company. At the least a guy who can do an important job successfully. Obviously that requires a lot of basic skills and we are trying to teach them responsibility right now. So we are giving each of them a small number of tasks which they need to accomplish and we are trying to make it clear that they have to do what they are expected to do. It is just simple thing for the moment, like picking up after themselves. Obviously that is an important concept. You do not need the child to grow up thinking that someone else is some how responsible for going around behind them and cleaning up whatever mess they might might. You want them to realize that they take responsibility for the things that they do.

Asking them to solve problems is another thing. Continue reading

The Birthday Girl Loves Her New Bike

I had my first and only child when I as forty six. Despite having a lot of experience working prior to that, I had not really spent much time learning about the new and best things for kids. So, when my little girl said that she wanted a kids balance bike last week, I had no idea what she was talking about. I wondered if it was a brand name or even a type of exercise machine that you use in your house.

She explained that it’s a bike with no pedals and that all the kids are using them. I asked her if it’s an electric bike, and she said no. Having no idea what she was talking about, I figured I better check it out. Continue reading

MOM what a thrill!

Yesterday we received an e-mail from Dr. Frances Santon, our Psychologist Girlfriend, become MOM for some months.t was an e-

“Hi friends, do me a favor? Click I LIKE on the video that appeared on the Facebook page of the study? Is titled “Mom what a thrill” …. thanks!!!!
I went to it I found a very nice and interesting page. “MOM what a thrill!” is an initiative, which also participates in the study of Dr. Santarelli. An initiative designed to help mothers, especially new mothers, to share their emotions, their fears, their feelings with other moms and even with specialized figures, as psychologists.

Scheduled meetings are absolutely free of charge. And also of information leaflets which can be obtained at any pharmacy.

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Gift ideas for Mom-proof-1st part: those profits!

Yes, it’s time for gifts! I have given a look at all the products seen until now on my blog, and I wanted to make a small collection dedicated to all the new fathers may have missed for new mothers and help them choose their favorite for Christmas!
Today we start with those profits, then we will pass to those more … amazing!  If your baby has yet to be born, and you’re thinking of a pouch, you can opt for the Marsupium Cybex Go First., where the child can be accepted since the first day due to lying.  If you have a child already more say, or if it will be spring-summer period, when the walks will become more likely to consider a more structured waist as the newest Miracle of Bouncer.  Do not miss a good stroller for muff! Winter has arrived, but the worst not yet! Take advantage of Christmas to run for cover with a hot CombiZip of Red Castle, suitable since the cradle, or a magic BundleBeanand versatile, the deck 5 in 1 irresistible design.  You want grandparents a nice gift? Orientateli on a versatile, Lightweight Stroller and ultra compact as QuickSmart Easyfoldthe.

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Aprovadimamma gift ideas, 2nd part: those that “no”.

When you give the fountain pen laureate, when you combine world-class silver frame, when you have a child …
… When you have a child Spacey relatives and friends go crazy, and you arrive at home really “the worse things”.  The temptation to leave the baby “just for a moment” is frequent and justified (even just to pee!), but don’t take anxiety: get yourself a good box and avoid the hanging-child. No one can guarantee that the port can handle. If you arrives wrapped, rimandatelo back with the bow.

We are still in vogue, but other countries were even banned! It seems that the “rotors” diminish the exercise of even and legs make incorrect posture, and impede learning to walk. Therefore, if you give, even no.
If you’re lucky you might even get away with something useful like, as the Mom-timer, object of desire of mothers ex-manager-super-organized that very soon they realize that a child is not accompanied by instructions (and certainly they will not be the first to write it).
Tells you when feeding him, when change it and when to do it sleep (ahahah! “do it” sleep!), and even what is the latest tit that you offered to small free …

If your pets are lovers of profit at all costs, to marry the philosophy of recycling, you might find under the tree, or VAC vacuum cleaner to be linked to, so you take two birds with one socket. I’m not kidding.

The shoes are another very popular vouchers: who knows why it always comes to mind at all that children have the feet (although he did not walk, at least not immediately). Nobody to be reminded of that poop and pee 12 times a day, and who present with an escort of diapers:

If you have a boy and a relative Aesthete may have the good fortune to receive a gift very politically correct, as the -spray hood para (i. e., those of pee). It’s called Pee Pee Tee Pee, translated “the Indian tent of pee”. Poetic, at least!

I then on good tip of my readers facebook-iani, all possible amenities and silver imaginable in: port-pacifier, chains, teaspoons, and those more … non ne metta, but save the cost and effort and opt for a package of diapers, thanks.

Ferrari by stroller bags: Baby Sleeping Bag

This was one of the first products reviewed by Mother proof, but I decided to publish it again because I saw him in winning form, with new colors, in the window of a shop in these days!
And SleepingBagBaby ‘ of i. GO by Montura.

It is one of the most stroller bags for “gifted” among those I had occasion today to meet product with high quality materials and with technical features and tricks that make it a truly outstanding product.
The manufacturer, not for nothing, Monturais specialized in technical sports clothing for the mountains, skiing and winter sports, as well as for extreme environments. A background which is a guarantee!

The price is certainly not of more content, but keep in mind that you are shopping bags-Ferrari stroller! Lo Buy Baby to buy.

At the time I recorded a video review for this aprons: worth devote a few minutes, because you’ll see a lot for stroller really out of the ordinary. In addition, in observing the characteristics of this lot, you’ll discover what makes the difference between a great accessory and any quality a lot.

Good vision!