Started to Fix Up the Backyard

When we bought the place there was not really that much of a backyard, it was mostly wooded and it took me a good long time to clear it off. Now we have about three quarters of an acre inside a six foot high privacy fence. I got lucky with the fencing. I was looking for a good price on swings for children when I simply drove past a place where they were piling up all of this fencing on the curb. I stopped and asked them what they were going to do and the guy said that he was just going to give it away. Of course a section of fence like this is going to cost you at least sixty or eighty dollars, so a fence like this would have cost me around a thousand dollars or more if I had bought it new. Instead I only had put about half that much in it, since I got half of the fence for free.

Of course a free fence does not sit on the curb for long, so I had to rush back home and get my trailer. Then I went and picked up these two 18 year old kids who live down the street. They are always looking to pick up some money and one of them has a truck too. Once they figured out what I was doing they were tempted to double cross me, since they knew they could have sold the fence sections for more than I was going to pay them. Some other guy showed up just when we were leaving and he did not care what I thought about it. Someone leaves free stuff on the curb you know it is not going to last very long, especially not if it is worth something.

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