MOM what a thrill!

Yesterday we received an e-mail from Dr. Frances Santon, our Psychologist Girlfriend, become MOM for some months.t was an e-

“Hi friends, do me a favor? Click I LIKE on the video that appeared on the Facebook page of the study? Is titled “Mom what a thrill” …. thanks!!!!
I went to it I found a very nice and interesting page. “MOM what a thrill!” is an initiative, which also participates in the study of Dr. Santarelli. An initiative designed to help mothers, especially new mothers, to share their emotions, their fears, their feelings with other moms and even with specialized figures, as psychologists.

Scheduled meetings are absolutely free of charge. And also of information leaflets which can be obtained at any pharmacy.

It seemed a wonderful idea.
From my little experience, I realized that new mothers often are misunderstood by other same moms who have lived the same experience a few years earlier.
Can we have the memories so short?
Can that already after a few years did not include more fatigue, stress, and mood swings that characterize the early months after the birth of a child?
The infinite fatigue, the desire to sleep, nerves stretched …
Can you let us toil of others, as if it were easily solved. And even in moments of apparent difficulty of new mothers, scioriniamo our wonderful nuggets of wisdom, disclose advice (not required) and we tell our experiences as epic action, feel the new MOM often incompetent and inadequate?

I’m exaggerating? I assure you of no.

So, after seeing this wonderful initiative, I asked Dr. Santon to write a few lines about “MOM what a thrill!”.
Here’s what we wrote:
“My dear mothers, finally after so long, here I am again here among you ….
I would tell you so many things and greet you so much warm, but today I am here to share and publicize an important initiative which I’m continuing with the team of my studio and I hope it will still be useful. Then we, we feel soon, promise!


Becoming a MOM is an event that every woman, with intensity and time of all, personal dreams at least once in their lifetime and when you have the good fortune to get to that dream to reality, I don’t think it can be an entire book to talk about anything that breaks loose in every woman.

Someone has the ability and the courage to share it, others are perhaps less aware or maybe just more frightened, but the fact is that we consider important to mention this issue in a clear and transparent, and create a network for sharing and comparison of all those who are going through this phase in their life.

The talk of what emotions, thoughts, fears, doubts and insecurities puts you in front of this new reality becomes too often trivialised by those “common” and “proverbial aunts Councils”, which sometimes serve, but others help increase that anxiety and uncertainty that belongs to all of us a little before this immense upheaval we are going to live.

Because, let’s face it, we can’t imagine our lives will look like with a baby, we design models and schemas that somehow belong to all of us. Do we hear, we live the experience of friends and acquaintances who have become mothers, but when it is up to us to … open sky!

A volcano of emotion that, with the kind contribution of the hormones, do little more than make us feel small and even more frightened.

That’s why it’s important to talk about it and share it with people who can hear, understand you objectively and non-judgmental and who don’t want to teach you their experience, their knowledge and professionalism, but they want to accompany YOU and only YOU, with your personal and unique experiences, to this beautiful, magical, but also difficult and complicated life experience.

One must never judge what we experience because as always, emotions about us … and with our baby we’ll find out soon! Nothing is more “emotional” relationship with your puppy!

What we do in our study is just that. We welcome you, we love you know, know what to try, what do you think, what scares you and what not. Next to our professionalism you will also find “moms” that will keep your hand and sustain you when and if you need it “.

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