Gift ideas for Mom-proof-1st part: those profits!

Yes, it’s time for gifts! I have given a look at all the products seen until now on my blog, and I wanted to make a small collection dedicated to all the new fathers may have missed for new mothers and help them choose their favorite for Christmas!
Today we start with those profits, then we will pass to those more … amazing!  If your baby has yet to be born, and you’re thinking of a pouch, you can opt for the Marsupium Cybex Go First., where the child can be accepted since the first day due to lying.  If you have a child already more say, or if it will be spring-summer period, when the walks will become more likely to consider a more structured waist as the newest Miracle of Bouncer.  Do not miss a good stroller for muff! Winter has arrived, but the worst not yet! Take advantage of Christmas to run for cover with a hot CombiZip of Red Castle, suitable since the cradle, or a magic BundleBeanand versatile, the deck 5 in 1 irresistible design.  You want grandparents a nice gift? Orientateli on a versatile, Lightweight Stroller and ultra compact as QuickSmart Easyfoldthe.

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Aprovadimamma gift ideas, 2nd part: those that “no”.

When you give the fountain pen laureate, when you combine world-class silver frame, when you have a child …
… When you have a child Spacey relatives and friends go crazy, and you arrive at home really “the worse things”.  The temptation to leave the baby “just for a moment” is frequent and justified (even just to pee!), but don’t take anxiety: get yourself a good box and avoid the hanging-child. No one can guarantee that the port can handle. If you arrives wrapped, rimandatelo back with the bow.

We are still in vogue, but other countries were even banned! It seems that the “rotors” diminish the exercise of even and legs make incorrect posture, and impede learning to walk. Therefore, if you give, even no.
If you’re lucky you might even get away with something useful like, as the Mom-timer, object of desire of mothers ex-manager-super-organized that very soon they realize that a child is not accompanied by instructions (and certainly they will not be the first to write it).
Tells you when feeding him, when change it and when to do it sleep (ahahah! “do it” sleep!), and even what is the latest tit that you offered to small free …

If your pets are lovers of profit at all costs, to marry the philosophy of recycling, you might find under the tree, or VAC vacuum cleaner to be linked to, so you take two birds with one socket. I’m not kidding.

The shoes are another very popular vouchers: who knows why it always comes to mind at all that children have the feet (although he did not walk, at least not immediately). Nobody to be reminded of that poop and pee 12 times a day, and who present with an escort of diapers:

If you have a boy and a relative Aesthete may have the good fortune to receive a gift very politically correct, as the -spray hood para (i. e., those of pee). It’s called Pee Pee Tee Pee, translated “the Indian tent of pee”. Poetic, at least!

I then on good tip of my readers facebook-iani, all possible amenities and silver imaginable in: port-pacifier, chains, teaspoons, and those more … non ne metta, but save the cost and effort and opt for a package of diapers, thanks.

Ferrari by stroller bags: Baby Sleeping Bag

This was one of the first products reviewed by Mother proof, but I decided to publish it again because I saw him in winning form, with new colors, in the window of a shop in these days!
And SleepingBagBaby ‘ of i. GO by Montura.

It is one of the most stroller bags for “gifted” among those I had occasion today to meet product with high quality materials and with technical features and tricks that make it a truly outstanding product.
The manufacturer, not for nothing, Monturais specialized in technical sports clothing for the mountains, skiing and winter sports, as well as for extreme environments. A background which is a guarantee!

The price is certainly not of more content, but keep in mind that you are shopping bags-Ferrari stroller! Lo Buy Baby to buy.

At the time I recorded a video review for this aprons: worth devote a few minutes, because you’ll see a lot for stroller really out of the ordinary. In addition, in observing the characteristics of this lot, you’ll discover what makes the difference between a great accessory and any quality a lot.

Good vision!

The blocks pee. At the very least are unisex.

A hood put on “at risk” during the change. I don’t ever to amaze me.

How not to classify this ingenious invention (coff coff … …) if not under “Nonsense”. Eh Yes, dear, ridi, ridi Aprovadimamma fact is that there are two different brands that distribute and sell these essential accessories for the return of the newborn.

On the one hand the Pee Pee Tee Pee, or “Indian tents” (tee pee, engl.), hoods, * there * where needed. The hood, in theory, should block any uncontrolled splashes, not only for boys, whose scope of tyre is notoriously by guinness, but also for the typical female ponds. The goal, in both cases, you avoid centering the MOM.  While not wanting the lack of necessity (noblesse oblige), as well as the fact that from that world is a world pannetto of cotton or a towel have always done the same dirty work with dignity, I should like to emphasise that the tyre concerned have lightweight cotton, then simply do not stand in their place and fly off to the first movement of the child. In their favor, if you really want to find a positive side, there is to say that they are washable and reusable: multi-pack are provided within a simplified with bag in the washing machine. But what a nice thought!  If you’re smart, you can now mothers then go further and WeeBlock ai trust, specially shaped and decorated sponges for the little fire hydrant. A bit more settled earlier, must still be kept in position if it is to have the effect desired absorbent. Not to mention the fact that even such a beautiful escort is required, since once drenched, washed and are reusable until they are dry.
On the other hand are harbingers of sublime propitiatory messages (see, in photos, Lil Ladies ‘ Man, or the small Idol of women).  I love this blog, but manage it every day requires passion, time and … well, Yes, money! Ads are selected and limited, not to disturb the reading. If you appreciate this policy, my commitment, my reviews, and if the information you found you save time and effort, you can show me your appreciation with a donation.

The new mums who work are more happy and fit!

Moms with young children should work rather than stay at home pushed by the tender age of children into. It suggests a search of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, according to which women with infants or pre-school children who work are more healthy and happier than those who prefer not to work for all day care for children.

In this statement I would like to respond by making a face similar to that of the Lady in the picture, obviously with built-in scream.

However, according to what we read in the Journal of Family Psychology, the scientists involved 1,364 women who had recently given birth and have followed from 1990 to 2000: the researchers found that those who had employment part-time with working hours up to 32 hours a week, reported a better overall health and fewer depressive symptoms than those who had remained at home.

There were significant health differences between women with part-time employment and full-time. These categories were happier because they perceived that their work was to support family life.

Hackneyed theme? Yes, but the Agency has just arrived. This is the latest study on the topic (which repeats more or less the same thing already known by a thousand other similar studies) and then why not take it back?:)

These researchers are right?

According to me ….
Personally, I already know, I think work well especially to psyche’s face. For me it is a relief valve. A way to immerse myself in a world different from what is the House. Work, I admit, I like it (from my I also lucky enough to do ;) work fine).
But not with a baby in her arms. The baby needs her mom and MOM needs her creature.
Then ok to resume work, but after weaning! Indeed, consistent with its commitments, after quite a bit!

I don’t agree however on the last point of the study, namely the lack of difference in health between those working part-time and full time.
On the contrary I think there is a huge difference, an abyss. A chasm. To be honest … an immensity!

Yes, an hour less I changed my life and decreased stress!
Let alone a part-time real!


Do list birth: not what, but when and why

Adear friend has just done, with considerable stress and suffering birth list.

Ah, the birth, childhood memories (mental).

For large fortune of * dear friend * this is his second son, but usually is a ritual that will consume the first appanzatura, i.e. before the birth of her first child. Behold, in this sense, the list should be banned, because birth inevitable source of sensational waste and errors.
You’ve never had a child, you don’t idea … er, change of life that awaits you, and you don’t realize absolutely what you need, nor what it will need him.

Now, far be it from me to the usual episode of what to put in the list, but let me bring to your attention a couple of little things.

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Those children who sleep alongside a sharp blade

The city of art, Milwaukee decided to give space for an ad campaign really impact.

“To sleep with your baby can be equally dangerous”, this says the claim of advertising developed by the Health Department and designed by the company SERVES marketers, showing a few months baby asleep in an adult’s bed next to a butcher’s knife.
During the presentation of the campaign, the Mayor and the heads of the Department explained that the cot death is one of the causes of infant death more preventable: children should sleep alone to belly up and in their bed. Probably this would be enough to prevent the nine tragedies that have hit the city this year.

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10 ways to save the Christmas tree (baby)

In one of my usual out overseas online said Bishop a post asking you to parents as they saved (if there ever were) their Christmas tree from an attack of small gattonatori. Here are the responses of over 100 mothers, summarized in 10 tips anti-collapse tree-saving (and save-baby!).

The most interesting is surelyeducation‘s. In practice, we teach that the tree does not touches, and you didn’t touch.
In principle, I absolutely agree. If like me you are a fan Tracy Hogg to know that she supports exactly the same thing: kids are smart people by nature, understand perfectly your sense of what communicated them. Things prohibited without explanations are much more interesting than explained calmly, and so disobedience is an exciting challenge. Then it is up to you to be able to communicate with them effectively, accompanying them to new knowledge and new skills, rather than impose, and they will learn.
Basically I tried d apply this method with my daughter and I have to say even with excellent results, but this does not mean that we cannot always be present, that we cannot always be calm and patience to explain (especially to a 18mes-enne that captures exactly fly, maybe …), that we cannot always be so “perfect” (uhthat ugly word!) as the books would teach us to be.
And then via workarounds‘s!

The vast majority of mothers used modular enclosurea, one of those used for delimiting a zone game, or as a gate to close access to the stairwell. Basically the equivalent of a box, that only leaves the child on the ground instead of inside the box. For this is often used even with randicelli children to limit their scope but leave them a suitable surface to move and play.
There are many brands and models, especially those of modular, as Bambino World in order to assist the individual elements one after another and create a perimeter customized to our needs (and availability) of space, or a middle way between Gates and box, asEasy Box the of OkBaby.

However, there are children that the fence is a whisker: the rise, tugging, and we know even go below. Another valid solution is then exhaust them. The children quickly tire of repetitive games, and on this point method “detach and attack”. You use only unbreakable, and decorations for a few days you can grant them to remove them from the lower branches of the tree, and maybe even play with them, the evening before going to sleep, to put them back on the shaft. After a few days, the game has lost its appeal, and decorations you will enjoy a well-deserved peace.

Alternatively you can try to give the child a Christmas tree, small, concise, with some unbreakable decorations small (perfect example rubber toys “from bath” wedged between branches directly. Or opt for a tree for the whole family but without decorations, such as those optical fibresat.

Photo comes from Historyofthechristmastree. comAncora best decorating the tree with the old method anti-crisis, eco-friendly, reusable, or (depending on the age of the child) biscuits Corollas with threaded hole, directly on the branches, dried orange slices, drawings made by the child itself and cropped, and so on, who has more (pantry) and so forth.

The most essential moms have found a solution to two dimensions: one vinyl sticker sticker in the shape of a Christmas tree, plate, indestructible and removable. Have a piece of the wall completely free of the sticker is daunting, and then folds on the closet door, or on the door. The result, however, is as “flat”:-/.


Foods for children, best industrial or fresh?

Recently was spread a leaflet for families in which they highlighted the advantages of industrial foods for specific childhood nutrition of children. Products safer, more controlled, more nutritious and healthy. To recommend these types of products was directly.
But after a few days in a statement said that the increased quality and safety of the baby food industry compared to natural products are not scientifically proven and then dissociates from Fimp’s recommendations.

At this point I wonder: “Are pediatricians against paediatricians. To whom should we trust? “

In the brochure States that: “The 50% of the fresh fruit contains pesticide levels not suitable for infant feeding” and that: “the 35% wheat in Italy contains residues of pesticides too high for infant feeding.” For the Acp data reported by Fimp on release to support the validity of these claims are largely debatable.
1) intend to reassure and encourage all those parents who, around the sixth month of life, use complementary feeding at the request of the child, using foods that take themselves;
2) reaffirm the importance of adequate information to parents for a healthy nutrition for the whole family and undertake to make print ad hoc campaigns;
3) encourage a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and plants for the whole family, including when it is possible to produce short chain and in this case often also organic (also through participation in cooperative purchasing groups, so-called Gas).
4) believe that industrial foods intake affects their food culture of different peoples and different families through delegated to third parties ‘ experts ‘ even the simple act of nurture his own son;
5) undertake to continue to fight to raise the food safety agencies to improve more and more laws and regulations, together also associations to consumer protection;
6) believe that the actions of advocacy to put safe food at table within the largest chapter of the protection of the environment, public health priority. The nterventi should be ‘ politicians ‘ and must fall on the entire population, including of course the most vulnerable groups (including foetuses and embryos);
7) emphasize that the promotion of the food industry for children penalizes less affluent families, and worsens the quality of the environment through the multiplication of packaging waste and their disposal and transportation through the territory.

Finally, the Acp believes that, under the general principle of transparency, “documents of this kind involves – as happens in the world – the need to declare the source of funding at the base of information campaign”.

I believe that for mothers who do not have time to prepare meals and vegetable soups, baby food and reassuring to know that industrialized foods are equally good and healthy for children. In addition to extremely comfortable!
We want to talk about the fruit jar when you’re around? Never without!

My pediatrician, when I started weaning Marco told me: “Madam, if you know the provenance of the food prepare well everything, but if you must take the fruit from the supermarket, then it is better than in the jar, is more controlled!

Homogenised meat made at the time by MOM. And the fish? In Puglia … fresh!

Now that I’m older, I cook a lot on weekends (sauces, meatballs, meat broth, etc.) and put in the freezer. During the week wonder what want to eat, scongelo jars, et voila, the dish is ready. And I am sure that they eat well … or almost!
The keeps? Also one made with tomatoes grown by grandparents!! You do in summer and is eaten all year round …


What can we do when the baby is crying and grieving?

With older children you speak. If they accuse their pains we explain, make us understand what is wrong.
But with a newborn. He’s not talking!
The only way that has to communicate a need, a need is to cry. A weeping exhausting, uninterrupted that often, especially in the first days of life, manda panicking moms and dads.
Will hunger? Thirst? Cold? Hot? May Experience? Did the bisognini? Or just wants a massive dose of pampering Extras?
And if not even taking the small arm, cullandolo, making him feel the warmth stops crying? What to do? What is the right attitude that the parents should be used?

What do I think?

I think it’s easier said than done.
With the first child is still very inexperienced. And weeping exhausting and does lose the uninterrupted light of reason to anyone, let alone the new mother who finds herself with hormones gone mad (:)) and what complicates even more when you fail to understand why so much despair.
Think about it, basically, is the first time you have to do with a guy that is at 100% by us, which we must take care … and that we do not understand. It still speaks our language …

After the first few weeks you will learn to recognize the crying, or at least I admit it’s realized (more or less)!
However, the anxiety also took over after a tot of minutes of uncontrollable weeping. So the first advice I followed partially. Or better to say was my rational side that tried to follow it! The other part of me is decidedly not.
I still remember the first and only Marco colichetta (still not sure that it was colichetta!). Luckily there was my mother to give me a hand. Marco wept bitterly on one side and myself on the other. I didn’t know what to do, I was desperate.

The second tip is pretty easy. Ok, you can do.

The third … well! Depends on what the stress factor.
We say that with the first child, with a little effort, you can stuff with wadding the environment. But with the second …

When Luke was born, my second son, his major stress factor was Marco …
I would say a “failed” from deleting

A crib … expanded!

Yesterday for the first time we made the crib at home.
To ask directly. A few days ago we went to buy the figurine. He chose every shepherd boy and all the other characters.
Last Thursday we went to collect the MOSS. I refused to buy it: cost 9 euros a box. Absurd!
And yesterday we finally put there all 4 to compose the work of art. To be honest two elements were constructive (I and my husband), a collaborative and one literally destructive Kallis.
It was an undertaking. We employed an eternity for a metro just crib. But the result, I must say modestly, was satisfactory.
Yesterday evening I approached the artwork to admire it and noticed immediately of new elements: a Tyrannosaurus rex that poked out from inside a cave.

I called just Andrew and I asked him: “have you been?”
And he: “Yes. You told me that Jesus is born so long ago. Even though dinosaurs existed so long ago. So … lived together! “

Here is what are the safest car seats

The various consumer associations, in USA and abroad, they repeat periodically testing car seats, to evaluate the effectiveness, the ability to protect our children while travelling in the car against the dangers of the road.

Needless to say the car seat is an obligation, a legal obligation (resulting from the European Directive 2003/20) and a moral obligation. As the famous slogan of campaign promoted by Parents Grow and from other websites: “If you love him, tie!“.

All car seats, to be placed on the market, must be approved, or undergo manufacturing and performance criteria expressed by the European directive in force. Every child must bear a label indicating mandatory upgrading of legislation whereby the child is approved: the most recent is R44/04.

Although all approved, some seats have features that better help to protect children in the event of any accidents. I have long observed the results of tests and I made a rather precise idea of what makes the difference.

If you compare the results of tests, even among the various vintages, you’ll notice that almost all the seats they get the better score are equipped with a so-called “anti-shock cushion” front. The great advantage of the pillow front, used instead of safety belts in five points, consists of more space for the child’s body in the event of impact. The five-point harness, in fact, hold the child effectively, but for this cause the thrust forward due to impact focuses almost entirely on the neck. The classic “lumbago”, to understand. The pillow, instead, allows the upper body to move forward, while holding the child in the seat. The impact force, i.e., is absorbed by a surface much more, and energy disperses better, without going to weigh all on a single point (the neck).  Celebrated in this category are Cybexseats, in particular the Cybex Pallasmodel. It features a pillow front adjustable anti-crash, in order to bring it closer or away from the baby according to its growth, according to two fixed positions. With this installed cushion, Cybex Pallas is an approved car seat as Group 1 (9-18 kg). In this conformation, the child is in that seat reclining in the headrest! the latter, in fact, is adjustable in 4 positions well.
When the child reaches a weight between 15 and 18 kg, you can remove the cushion and base, and Pallas transforms into a model approved for 2-3 groups, up to medium.
In practice, 2 seats in 1.  Similar to Pallas, and always invoice is the German Kiddy Guardian Pro. It is one of three seggiokini Kiddy equipped with anti-shock cushion, all approved as combined seats for groups 1-2-3, but in principle there is also a Group 1 seat with cushion Kiddy Energy front, the Pro. All these four seats are test winners results of product!
The Kiddy Guardian Pro has a seat reducer that can be used in two different positions: one for children from 9 to 13 kg, and one from 13 to 18 kg, so follow their growth. Eliminating the reducer and adjusting the backrest width and height of the head restraint, you switch to 15-medium duty conformation.
A plus of Kiddy Guardian Pro is to have the adjustable seat depth, so you can adapt it to the child’s leg lengthening, obviously very different in the various stages of growth.  A solution like this is that Jané adopted with the cushion Xtend reducer. It is an accessory for use with the Group 2-3 as Montecarlo Plusthe, making it so useable also as Group 1. The pillow Xtend Jané, unlike for example of Pallas, is restrained by seat belts exclusively, and not by a fixed distance from joints child: can be a bit more “counterproductive”.

Obviously the issue of the pillow front is not free of problems, above all the reaction of the child: many children have difficulty accepting being so “tucked” into limited spaceone. Often the child, especially in the first year, fails either to support the arms above the pillow, and has the lowest freedom of movement: is a price to pay to be “insured” in the event of an accident, but smaller is really difficult to explain.
Also there is the problem of to pick up and drop off the child from seat. In these models, the cushion is restrained by seatbelts in the car, and manoeuvres to drop the belt buckle and are therefore often hindered by clutter.

Another feature that is common to the winners of the test is headrest controlthe. These are the Side Impact Protection systems, side impact protection. The models depicted above, if we take the case, they are all very headrest with wrapping. This is an important guarantee to protect the head of the children in case of collision, particularly side impacts.