My Friends Went Through a Lot of Trouble for a Joke

I guess my friends are all being a lot of smart alecs. They decided that all of them were going to get me gag gifts for my birthday this year. Of course they got together and hatched this supposedly brilliant scheme. You can go on the internet and see the things they got me. They are called Lullapets – the musical companions and the idea is that you can collect all ten of them. It is a little stuffed animal with a little voice recorder and an mp3 player in it. Of course they spent a ton of money these thing. They cost 39 dollars and 95 cents each according to the web page. These jokers got me three of them and so they spent a hundred and twenty bucks on all of them just because they thought it was funny. Of course they took the voice recorder and recorded obscene messages on them before they gave them to me.

I am not sure they expected the boss lady to be there when this was going on. They thought they were being really cute, but the boss lady is a very strict woman who is a really devout Catholic and she was standing there when this cuddly little stuff animal suggested that I do something which would have been both rather painful and anatomically not a practical possibility. She just turned and walked away. No one knew if they should laugh, but of course they had to hold it in. Of course I will take the dirty messages off of the mp3 recorders and then I will give them to some of my nieces and nephews. I am pretty sure everyone assumed that was what would happen all along. It just seemed like a lot of trouble for a cheap laugh.

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